What Are the Different Types of Consultants?


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There are various types of consultants including strategy consultants, operations consultancy, financial advisory consultants, human resources consultants and IT consultants. Other types of consultants include social media consultants, PR consultants and legal consultants. Consultants or consulting firms advise businesses or organizations on different kinds of issues.

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Consultancy is the practice of providing expert advice within a specific field. Human resources consultants help to manage an organization’s workforce. This type of consultancy has other categories including change management, and learning and development consultants. Companies outsource human resources experts to help in selection, training, assessment and rewarding of employees.

Strategy consultants help organizations identify any operational weaknesses and help to improve their strategic performance. Examples of these consultants include those focused on public policy, as well as marketing strategy consultants. Operations consultants help organizations to improve performance within specific business areas. Financial advisory consultants advise businesses on the financial health of an organization. Finally, IT consultants focus on supporting organizations in developing and applying of information technology.

A consultancy firm usually has a team of experts who give professional advice on specific subject matters that the firm has industry experience in. The consulting industry is among the most diverse markets within the professional services oriented industry. Consultancy services come into play when an individual or a corporation requires advice or assistance which may actually not warrant hiring the expert. In this case, they just pay for the advice or short-term services rendered by the consultant.

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