What Are the Different Types of Communication in Business?

The different types of communication in business include verbal, written and electronic communications. Telephone conversations, video conferences, in-person interviews and meetings are several examples of verbal communication.

Verbal communication is likely the ideal means of communication, as it enables people to analyze inferences during the conversation, says the Houston Chronicle. It also produces a communication setting that?s conducive to exchanging information, asking questions and receiving feedback. However, some of the possible hindrances in communicating verbally on a global scale are language barriers, cultural differences and time differences.

Written communication is typically a preferred method for sending the same message to multiple recipients located at different places. This type of communication allows people to deliver technical information with detailed instructions, along with charts or diagrams. Through written communication, individuals can obtain paper copies of valuable messages, confirm receipt of the information and reply promptly. Examples of written communication include formal letters, internal business memos and bulletin posters.

Electronic communication is an efficient way to deliver mass messages to various people. Companies typically use it to communicate with customers and the general public, by creating different channels that fit their target markets. Electronic communication is also a fast way to contact people from other parts of the globe. Examples of electronic communication include online chat, emails, text messages, social networks and web conferences.