What Are Some Different Types of Business Phone Services?


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Different types of business phone services include the traditional analog phone system, KSU, PBX and VoIP. The type of service to choose depends on the number of telephone extensions desired, the business application, available infrastructure and budget.

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What Are Some Different Types of Business Phone Services?
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An analog phone system is suitable for businesses that need less than 10 phone lines. Considered inexpensive, the technology lies in the physical phones which the users can program to perform specific features. The business typically installs, programs and maintains the telephone system.

The KSU phone system is a multiple line phone system that is supported by a central control device. Installed and serviced by a telecom vendor, it is ideal for businesses with five to 75 employees.

A PBX phone system serves businesses with more than 75 employees and has sophisticated customizable features that support the complexities of communications within large organizations. Like the KSU phone system, the PBX phone system is installed and supported by telecom providers.

A VoIP phone system uses the Internet and provides connectivity between multiple business locations and remote workers, domestically or internationally, using local phone numbers. The system can be set up in-house or hosted by a VoIP service provider.

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