What Are Some Different Types of Banner Stands?


Adjustable, retractable, scrolling, tension pole and backdrop are common types of banner stands. Stores often use adjustable stands, also known as rigid-pole stands, for displays that are not moved frequently. An adjustable stand typically has a basic pole attached to a flat, weighted base and banner holders. They offer adjustable holders to accommodate banners of different sizes and are available for single- or double-sided displays. While heavier than most portable stands, they are still easy to lift by hand.

People who host trade shows may prefer retractable stands, which are among the most portable options. These stands usually have a spring-loaded retraction mechanism, so banners roll in and out of the base. The compact size and covered storage method are ideal for traveling. Scrolling, or motorized, banner stands are designed to display multiple graphics on a rotating loop, attracting the attention of people passing by stores or booths. However, they require a power source, so they offer less flexibility.

Backdrop stands are wide to accommodate large graphics. Tension pole displays, which include X stands and L stands, are conveniently lightweight and collapsible. Both variants rely on strategically curved bars that create enough tension to keep the banner taut. Since they are so light, tension-pole stands are not the best option for windy outdoor events where they can easily fall over.