What Are Different Types of Automatic Time Clocks for the Workplace?


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Automatic time clocks for the workplace include punch card clocks, digital clocks, time station software, fingerprint clocks or hand punch clocks. A time clock is used to keep track of when employees arrive and leave. The information recorded on a time clock is passed on to the accounting department where it is used for payroll.

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A punch card time clock, which is one of the most common time clocks, works best in small business because it is simple. When a card is placed into the time clock, the current time and date prints on the card.

A digital time clock is a slightly more modern version of the punch card time clock that requires the use of a card with a magnetic strip. The card is swiped through the machine which then records the date and time.

Using time station software, employees can log in and out of a computer to record the date and time. The data is then automatically downloaded into the payroll software.

Fingerprint clocks and hand punch clocks are very similar. Employees scan either their finger or the palm of their hand on the clock and the time and date are automatically recorded for that person. These systems work well to prevent fraud.

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