What Are Some Different Types of Art Careers?

Some different types of art careers include graphic design and illustration. There are also broader categories with multiple jobs in each, such as being a landscape architect, commercial building architect or industrial architect.

A popular art career is graphic design. There are many ways to be a graphic designer, including working in multimedia, print and Web. Graphic design includes everything from designing websites and logos to working with magazine layouts and creating custom graphics for reports, newspapers, ads and flyers. Many graphic designers also work on billboards and other signage. Fundamental skills required for graphic design work include animation, color, visual elements and typography.

Illustration is another art career, though it is one that is done more digitally. Illustrators need to learn how to draw different objects with various types of software programs. They work on designs for wrapping paper, greeting cards, calendars, books and magazines. Just about every form of printed or digital art requires help from someone who works in illustration. They also use tools for illustrations on paper, including chalk, pastels, watercolors and acrylic paint.

Animation includes different types of art jobs, including being a video game designer, visual effects animator, computer animator, 3D animator or comic book animator.