What Are Some Different Types of Agriculture Jobs?

Agriculture jobs include managerial roles with a farm or orchard, physical labor jobs harvesting and processing agricultural products, public relations careers representing farms, or scientific jobs studying different aspects of a crop or the farming process. Other jobs include educational roles teaching about the process or history of agriculture or positions as a liaison between farmers and food companies.

Many agriculture jobs take place within a farm or similar setting, including roles that handle the administration and daily management of the farm. These jobs involve tracking the cost of operating the farm, the process of purchasing seeds, and ensuring that the farm has the appropriate facilities and staff to harvest the crops and ship them to buyers. Similarly, farms also include many agriculture jobs that relate the actual process of growing food, such as machine operators to plant and harvest the items or workers to transfer the products into a processing plant to ship out.

Farms may also hire employees to handle its public image, including working with preservation and labor groups to ensure compliance with sustainable practices or legislature to pass new laws. Companies that purchase products from farms also employ people to handle similar tasks, organizing the order details and relaying concerns to other members of the companies. Agriculture jobs may also include studying the scientific process of growing food, creating more resilient seeds and crops, and developing new techniques for sustainable farming.