What Are the Different Sections of a Water Bill Statement?


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In most situations, water bills include account information for the customer as well as the cost and amount of water used in that cycle. Each water utility company offers different services in different regions, which leads to numerous differences in the type of information that appears on any given bill.

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Most water bills are broken down into four major sections: customer account details, recent account activity, usage summaries and additional information. The customer account details section displays the customer's name, account number and the address in which the service is held. The recent activity section displays any payments or credits to the account that occurred within a specific period, usually the last cycle. The usage section outlines how much water was used during the cycle in question and the associated cost.

Many utility companies features diagrams and instructions on how customers can read the information presented on each billing statement. For example, the Sacramento Suburban Water District has a special section on its website that provides a detailed breakdown and summary of an example water bill. It includes an image of a sample bill divided into specific sections of information. Each section is labeled with a number that correlates to a key of explanations.

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