What Are Some Different Risk Assessment Forms?


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Risk assessment forms typically feature a set of questions and checklists to test the potentiality of threats in various areas, with most forms varying in terms of focus, covering areas such as workplace safety, the strength of a computer system or competitor, and market share analysis. The forms all revolve around identifying any threats that could affect a specific segment of a company or its properties.

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Many business use risk assessment forms as part of a competitive analysis, wherein one or more members of the organization research existing companies operating within the same industry or region. The form allows the company conducting the assessment to find the ways in which the competitors may cause harm, such as drawing customers away, lowering the expectation for cost or purchasing property to open new locations. Many businesses also use risk assessment forms to identify weaknesses in a local network or computer infrastructure. These forms include standard checks to ensure that data is secure on servers, sometimes attempting standard attacks to find weaknesses and check strengths.

Other types of risk assessment forms examine the physical condition of a workplace to find any areas in need of repair or that could lead to injuries. They can also focus on the security of a location, such as checking surveillance cameras and testing the locks on doors or other entry points. These forms also include suggestions on how the company can improve security and the possible ways it may experience compromises.

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