What Are Some Different Plastic Testing Labs?


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Some plastic testing labs found in the United States are Polymer Solutions in Virginia, Chemir Evans Analytical Group in Missouri, and The Polymer Lab in Michigan. Polymer Solutions specializes in the testing of polymers, plastics, gases, metals and more. Chemir offers analytical chemistry and development services, as well as litigation support for clients all over the country. The Polymer Lab provides services such as material identification, degradation analysis, contamination identification, reverse engineering and product failure analysis.

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Two other plastic testing labs are Laboratory Testing Inc. located in Pennsylvania, and Intertek Group, with locations in several countries including the U.S. Both companies offer similar services to the others named, although a few differences do stand out. For example, Laboratory Testing Inc. offers specimen machining, dimensional inspection and calibration services for all types of gages, masters and measuring tools, in addition to many analytical plastic testing services.

Intertek Group provides the most comprehensive list of lab services out of all five. The company caters to a large selection of industries, such as food and healthcare, construction and engineering, and products and retail, to name just a few. Intertek goes beyond inspecting, testing and certifying products. The company helps customers improve performance, overcome market constraints, gain efficiencies in manufacturing and logistics, and reduce risk.

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