What Are Some Different Payoff Debt Worksheets?


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Some common debt payoff worksheets are Vertex42 debt reduction, Squawkfox debt reduction, It's Your Money DebtTracker and the How Much Debt Costs spreadsheet, notes About.com. Each spreadsheet offers different calculator options and graphical elements.

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The Vertex42 debt reduction sheet allows the user to enter all information and then select a printable payment schedule, states About.com. In addition to the worksheet, the tool comes with a debt reduction calculator. The calculator also considers a FICO score to help determine how to apply payments.

The Squawkfox debt reduction spreadsheet requires a user to enter all relevant creditors, the current bill balance and associated interest rates, explains About.com. The worksheet then calculates total debt, average interest rate, average monthly interest paid, and total of monthly payments on debt accounts.

The It's Your Money Excel DebtTracker sheet has multiple sort and view features. Users can sort debt by types, such as credit card, mortgage and loans. In total, the software comes with six debt worksheets that all offer graphical solutions for debt reduction, notes About.com.

Finally, the How Much Debt Costs spreadsheet from Debt Free Adventure is available in both Excel and Open Office format. This worksheet requires more manual calculation but allows a user to view total principal and interest on a specific loan, states About.com.

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