What Are Some Different Las Vegas Coupon Books?

There are a variety of coupon books available that offer discounts for local Las Vegas-area businesses, including restaurants, casinos, hotels and tourist attractions; these coupon books include the Entertainment brand Las Vegas coupon book, the 2015 Las Vegas Advisor Member Rewards Book and coupons included in the 2015 American Casino Guide. Many of these coupon books specifically target tourists, but some books focus on local services that Las Vegas-area residents may find useful, as shown on Entertainment.com. Las Vegas coupon books may be available in traditional paper form or as a digital download or mobile app.

The exact coupons offered vary by book, and the coupon books often have a particular focus. For example, the Las Vegas Advisor Member Rewards Book focuses primarily on services relating to tourism in the city, including multiple discounts on buffets. The Entertainment coupon book for Las Vegas is more well-rounded, including coupons for chain restaurants, small local restaurants, gyms, home repair and maintenance services, clothing stores and auto maintenance in addition to some tourist-friendly activities, such as paintball and live performances.

Individuals who focus on casino tourism in multiple cities may be interested in the American Casino Guide, which includes coupons for casinos in cities other than Las Vegas. The Las Vegas coupons in this book include discounts for buffets, spa visits, hotel stays, gambling and entertainment at venues, such as Bally's, the Golden Nugget and Paris Las Vegas, notes American Casino Guide.