What Are the Different Kinds of Tape?

There are many different types of tape, including duct, electrical, masking, mounting and packaging tape. Most varieties of tape are specifically designed for a certain purpose, and they differ in terms of backing material and the type of adhesive used.

In addition, tapes vary in terms of thickness, width, color and adhesive strength. For instance, masking and painters tape are both quite thin and peel off surfaces easily, while mounting tape is usually a thicker foam with a strong adhesive applied to both sides of the tape, and it is intended to keep an item in place. Duct tape, one of the stronger types of tape available, is used for a huge variety of purposes, including fixing air and water leaks.

Types of adhesives include silicone, rubber and acrylic substances. Rubber adhesives form one of the strongest initial bonds, and they stick to the widest range of materials. However, rubber adhesive doesn't stand up well to high temperatures or last as long as other adhesives. Silicon adhesives only bond with a small number of surfaces, but they withstand extreme temperatures better than other adhesives. Both silicon and rubber adhesive tapes can be removed, while many standard acrylic tapes are permanent.