What Different Kinds of Free Stock Charts Are Available Online?

StockCharts.com and the Nasdaq website offer free interactive charts, SharpCharts, point and figure charts, PerfCharts, gallery charts and seasonality charts. Users can customize these charts for specific companies and time periods.

The Nasdaq free interactive charts contain features such as click and drag interaction, event indicators and right-click interactivity. Users can visit the Nasdaq website and search for a specific chart using company name or ticker symbol. Additional features of these charts include chart range, chart elements and volume. Each chart contains a different range of data depending on how long the associated company has existed. Users can also find relevant event data, including stock splits, dividends and major filings.

StockCharts.com offers SharpCharts that can display candlestick, line or bar data depending on user preference. The point and figure charts utilize alphabetical characters to filter out market noise automatically. Perfcharts dynamically compare the performance of up to 10 different ticker symbols. Users utilizing these charts can choose from a predefined list or create their own charts. Gallery charts allow users to view data in multiple timeframe charts that track short-term, mid-term or long-term analysis. The seasonality charts allow a user to view financial trends. StockCharts.com offers these charts for free use, however paying members have access to additional features.