What Are Some Different Kinds of Esthetician Jobs?

What Are Some Different Kinds of Esthetician Jobs?

Esthetician jobs include applying make-up, applying preventative skincare treatments in a spa or salon setting, training other aestheticians, managing a skin care treatment facility, and developing professional grade skin care treatments. Any job directly involving skin care or the skin care industry is open to estheticians.

As cosmetologists train specifically in skin care and maintenance, estheticians are often employed in a wide range of positions. A large percentage of estheticians work in spas or salons. There job duties include make-up application, applying skin care treatments, and assisting customers with general salon and spa services.

Not every spa or salon is a traditional brick and mortar location. Some cruise ships and luxury resorts also operate full service salons and spas. Estheticians also work at salons or spas in management positions.

Careers also extend to fields in which the esthetician is not directly interacting with consumers. These include educational careers training future cosmetologists or assisting in esthetician certification programs. Skin care manufacturers also employ estheticians as sales representatives. In these positions, they work closely with distributors demonstrating and explaining product usage.

Estheticians are also employed by a wide range of health and beauty publications. They work for both traditional print publications and online publications as writers, editors, product testers, and social media account managers.