What Are Some Different Invoice Formats?

What Are Some Different Invoice Formats?

Some different invoice formats include basic invoice, consultant invoice, sales invoice, service invoice and proforma invoice. Individuals can find free invoice templates from websites such as Vertex42. A good invoice can help make a business appear presentable, notes Vertex42.

An invoice is a document that is produced by a seller to give details of the services or goods traded and their cost, notes Accounting Tools.

A basic invoice format refers to the simplest form of invoice. This type of invoice has very few details. It only outlines important information such as names, dates, costs and type of service or product to be paid. This invoice is easy to create and is most often used by new businesses. The invoice allows the recipient to quickly understand what is required.

A sales invoice format contains more information when compared to the basic format. This type of invoice includes all the information in the basic invoice plus sections for shipping information, unit number, quantity and unit price. This invoice is most commonly used by small businesses.

A consultant invoice contains all the information found in a basic invoice. However, this invoice is different because it also includes separate sections for hourly charges and other fees for things like setup or equipment. This invoice is most commonly used by businesses that offer services instead of products.