What Are Some Different Hourly Salary Calculators?

Some hourly salary calculators are offered through ADP, Bankrate and the Texas State government website, notes each organization's website. The calculators allow employees to determine their paycheck amounts based on their hourly pay rates, tax rates and deductions, among other factors.

The hourly salary calculator provided by ADP allows users to make calculations based on the desired tax year and state, states the website. To use the calculator, taxpayers specify how many rates to use, gross pay, pay frequency, exemptions, state withholding amounts and additional deductions, among other important information, to determine their pay.

The calculator on the Bankrate website provides similar information to the ADP calculator, but the information is presented in different headings. For example, the calculator asks users about regular and overtime pay hours and rates, as well as other hours worked. Other withholding fields include health insurance, retirement and allowances.

The calculator provided on the Texas State government site is geared toward employees with multiple jobs at different rates. On top of the calculator function, the site offers explanations for important tax information, as well as examples for how the calculations are determined. The site also references applicable tax codes that employees must take into account when determining their net pay amounts.