What Are Some Different Hold-Harmless Letter Forms?


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Different versions of hold harmless agreement letter forms are available at document sites such as RocketLawyer.com, Documents.Intuit.com and LawDepot.com. Hold harmless agreement letter templates are customizable to reflect laws of each state. Hold harmless agreements are also known as indemnity agreements.

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The first portion of the hold-harmless agreement has spaces for individuals who are party to the legal agreement. The party of the first part is the indemnitee, and the party of the second part is the indemnifier. By signing this agreement, both parties agree that the indemnitee is given legal protection from damages as a result of the indemnitee's participation in a specific activity. The indemnifier also minimizes his legal responsibility for losses due to the actions of the indemnitee. The name and address of both parties must appear on the form letter.

Hold harmless agreements are governed by state law, which is why it's important to select the appropriate state before generating the online template, according to Rocket Lawyer. The agreement includes specific details about the type of activities performed by the indemnitee, and the parties are held harmless during the duration of that activity. If the activities take place on a specific property, the parties must list the property address in addition to the activities.

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