What Are the Different HL7 Message Segments?


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HL7 message segments for health insurance include IN1-1 for insurance set identity, IN1-2 for insurance plan identity, IN1-3 for insurance company identity, IN1-4 for insurance company name and IN1-5 for insurance company address, according to University Health Network. Other HL7 message segments include IN1-10 for insured’s group employer identity, IN1-11 for insured’s group employer name, IN1-16 for name of insured, IN1-17 for insured’s relationship to patient and IN1-18 for insured’s date of birth.

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Hospitals also use IN1-20 for assignment of benefits, IN1-21 for coordination of benefits, IN1-23 for notice of admission code, IN1-24 for notice of admission date and IN1-28 for preadmit certificate, states University Health Network. Other HL7 message segments used by hospitals include IN1-32 for billing status, IN1-35 for company plan code, IN1-36 for policy number, IN1-38 for policy limit on amount and IN1-39 for policy limit on admission days.

Insurance companies use IN1-33 for lifetime reserve days, IN1-37 for policy deductible, IN1-40 for room rate as semiprivate, IN1-41 for room rate as private and IN1-43 for insured’s gender, University Health Network says. Other HL7 message segments common with insurance companies include IN1-44 for insured’s employer address, IN1-45 for verification status, IN1-46 for prior insurance plan identity, IN1-47 for coverage type and IN1-49 for insured’s identity number. Other common HL7 message segments include IN1-47 for coverage type, IN1-42 for insured’s employment status and IN1-27 for release information code.

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