How Do You Find Different Flight Coupon Codes?

Consumers looking to receive a discount on airfare can find some discounts for certain airlines by reviewing online coupon sites such as, and As of September 2015, the coupons available may be for a certain amount off of a ticket, such as $50, or a certain percentage of the ticket price, notes each website.

Consumers should be aware that not all airlines accept coupon codes for airfare, and many coupon codes expire after only a short amount of time. In order to secure coupon codes on, use the following process.

  1. Go to the coupon code website
  2. Use a web browser to access's home page.

  3. Locate airline coupon codes
  4. Enter the phrase "airline coupon codes" in the search box located at the top of the home page. The search results bring back several options including a list of airlines that are participating in coupon code offers along with some travel sites, which also offer their own sets of coupon codes.

  5. Search coupon codes
  6. Select the desired airline, such as Frontier Airlines, and the available coupon codes appear. Find the desired coupon code and click on the Show Code box, which reveals the coupon code that can be used on the airline or travel site to receive a discount on an upcoming flight. Clicking on Continue to Store takes the consumer to that website, demonstrates