What Are Some Different Employee Signs?

Offices and businesses often have a variety of different signs that can communicate information to employees, customers and other people in the area including signs that indicate that an area is restricted for employees only. These signs may indicate that a certain area is dangerous or is only accessible by employees who are on duty, notes SafetySign.com. Another major class of signs intended for employees includes labor posters, which are often legally mandated to be on display in a location where employees can clearly see the information and review it as necessary.

Both federal and state laws may mandate what kind of signs an employer must post for the benefit of the employees, states SBA.gov. The U.S. Department of Labor regularly publishes and updates posters advising employees of labor laws and workplace safety standards that employers must uphold. These posters are designed to allow employees to easily become informed of their rights in the workplace. In some cases, federal and state agencies may supply these materials free of charge to ensure that every business can access them.

Specific examples of labor posters include equal opportunity posters, which inform employers and employees of national laws regarding equal-opportunity employment rules and regulations. Employers must also display a poster explaining the Fair Labor Standards Act in a conspicuous place.