What Are Some Different Classifications for Workers' Comp Claims?

Classification codes for workers' compensation claims include 3574 for adding machine manufacturing, 3220 for can manufacturing, 0016 for farm production of black walnuts, 2883 for wooden lamp manufacturing and 3881 for railroad car dismantling, according to WorkersCompensationShop.com. Most states use workers comp codes established in the Scopes Manual.

The National Council on Compensation Insurance maintains the workers' comp classification codes in the Scopes manual to help insurance agents and underwriters establish appropriate premiums for different job classifications. NCCI sets rates annually based on statistical data collected by insurance companies. While most states use the NCCI codes, New York, Delaware, New Jersey, California and Pennsylvania use their own classification systems, as WorkersCompensationShop.com explains. Texas uses the NCCI system, but with some variations.