What Are Some Different Cattle Corral Layouts?


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A two-pen corral, expandable corrals, a beef cattle corral for 50 head and a safe pen are some different layouts for cattle corrals. Layouts for cattle corrals vary widely depending on the size of the herd, the number of hands working the corral and the functions for which the corral is needed. Some corral designs incorporate task specific equipment, including scales, holding chutes, headgates, watering systems or a stress-reducing Bud Box.

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A typical two-pen corral is one of the simpler designs and consists of two pens of the same size positioned side by side. The outside edge of one pen has a gate to the open field from where the cattle are being herded. There is a gate between the two pens that allow cattle to selectively be moved from the first pen to the second and a gate on the other end of the second pen to release cattle individually into the chute so they can be directed as desired.

The 50-herd beef cattle corral is a similar design with two holding pens but is arranged in an oval fashion that incorporates a crowding pen to keep livestock moving to scales for weighing or to a ramp for loading on a truck. Expandable corrals are constructed so additional holding pens can easily be added to accommodate a growing herd.

Safe pens are designed for operation by one man. The corrals can be constructed for large or small herds, without any special equipment needed, but a fenced walkway is incorporated separating the operator from the cattle so he can navigate the entire corral safely.

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