What Are the Different Careers in Engineering?

What Are the Different Careers in Engineering?

The site Educating Engineers lists 14 types of engineers working in diverse fields, including aerospace, marine, automotive, mechanical and civil. Other engineering careers are geology, petroleum, environmental and drafting and design. Engineers also work in the fields of chemistry, biomedics, agriculture, electrical and computers and software.

Automotive, marine and aerospace engineers design and develop vehicles for roads, waterways and air and space. In addition, marine engineers design structures associated with the seas, including oil platforms.

Civil engineers research and design infrastructure, including roads, bridges, buildings and water supply systems. Some civil engineers work on-site in project management.

Agricultural or biological engineers are involved in land and water farming and forestry. They also design better food-processing systems and plan sites where animals are kept. Like other engineers, many agricultural engineers work in offices, but some travel to sites to oversee equipment and processes and ensure compliance with governmental regulations.

Computer engineers design the hardware and software that make computing possible.

Chemical engineers work with atoms and molecules and the different ways of combining them to solve problems. They frequently work with other types of engineers, including those in the fields of energy storage, computing and nanotechnology.

Electrical engineers research and design power generation supply and the manufacture of electrical equipment. They wire buildings and vehicles, and they work in many different industries, including manufacturing, design and construction.