What Are Different BlueCross Insurance Plans?


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The different types of insurance plans by BlueCross include individual and family, short term, dental, Medicare and Medicaid, and Children’s Health Insurance Program or CHIP. Some of these plans offer short-term basic coverage, while others are designed for the long run, states BlueCross Illinois.

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BlueCross specializes in health insurance that has been broken down into different plans to enable policyholders with a wide range of choices. If a policyholder chooses the individual or family health coverage, the policy extends for at least 12 months and is renewable. This is the first coverage that most people are likely to consider. It covers a number of services such as emergency, hospitalization and preventive care. Services designed for mother and child include maternity, pediatric and newborn care, states BlueCross Illinois.

Short-term care is designed to take care of family or individual medical needs during the period when basic coverage is not available, explains BlueCross Illinois. It lasts for less than one year and cannot be renewed. It can be tailored to work with a policyholder’s budget and timelines. Dental insurance is designed to cover dental costs for an individual and the family. It can be acquired as part of long-term insurance policy or separate as stand-alone coverage.

Medicare is meant for people over 65 years of age or below 65 years but who have disabilities and illnesses, according to BlueCross Illinois. This is divided into four parts: hospital coverage, medical coverage, Medicare Advantage and drug coverage. Medicaid and CHIP are government insurance plans that are available as either low-cost or no-cost coverage for children and the poor.

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