What Are Some of the Different BCBS Insurance Plans?


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Examples of the different Blue Cross Blue Shield insurance plans include health maintenance organization, preferred provider organization, point of service and Medicare, according to Blue Cross Blue Shield. Blue Cross Blue Shield offers the different types of insurance plans all over the country through participating companies.

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Members who choose the HMO plan can only receive health care services from providers who are part of the HMO network, explains Blue Cross Blue Shield. Typically, this plan does not cover members who receive medical care from out-of-network providers, unless the patient received emergency care.

The preferred provider organization plan allows patients greater flexibility when choosing their provider, though patients who choose in-network providers receive higher levels of coverage, according to Blue Cross Blue Shield. The insurance company contracts a number of providers to provide services at negotiated rates. However, patients can choose to go to doctors who are not part of the PPO plan network.

With a point-of-service plan, members choose whether to seek the services of an in-network provider or whether to get care from an out-of-network provider, explains Blue Cross Blue Shield. Blue Cross Blue Shield offers Medicare prescription drug plans and Medicare advantage plans through participating companies. The Medicare prescription drug plan helps members pay for the cost of prescription drugs. Medicare advantage covers some of the services of Medicare Part A and Medicare Part B, such as hospital stays, lab tests and X-rays. However, the member may get additional benefits, such as lower cost sharing.

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