How Do You Find Different Bank Shares Prices?


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Use a stock screener such as the one available on the Fidelity website to generate a list of publicly traded banks. Visit a website such as Google Finance to find stock prices when you know the names of the banks you are researching.

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Stock screeners allow investors to filter available investments by certain criteria, explains Investopedia. These criteria include financial metrics such as price-to-earnings ratio, dividend yield and five-year return on investment. Screeners also allow investors to research stocks by industry. Investopedia offers guidance for selecting and using a stock screener.

To find banks on Fidelity's stock screener, click on Select Criteria, click on Industry under Basic Company Facts. Choose the Select Value option, then select Is. Finally, click on Select Value, then Banks. The screener displays a list of companies that Fidelity categorizes as banks, along with their ticker symbols. Click on a bank's ticker symbol to see its current stock price. Note that each stock screener uses different industry classifications. For example, the stock screener on Yahoo! Finance lists banks under several categories, such as Money Center Banks, Savings and Loans, and Regional - Mid-Atlantic Banks.

Alternatively, use a search tool on a personal finance website when you know the bank's name or ticker symbol. For example, to view the stock price for Wells Fargo & Co. by its ticker symbol of WFC, access the Google Finance website, then type WFC in the search bar. The next page displays the bank's current price.

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