What Are Some Different Adhesive Laminating Pouches?


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Adhesive laminating pouches include Lamination Depot's Sticky Back Laminating Pouches and Fellowes Laminating Pouches. These products, as well as Avery's Self-Adhesive Laminating Sheets, are available in various sizes.

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Lamination Depot's Sticky Back Laminating Pouches make transforming normal documents into professional signs possible. To use, place the document in the center of the pouch so the text is not obscured by the liner and send it through a thermal laminating machine. Once laminated, carefully peel the liner from the back and press the sign against the desired surface to affix. These pouches are available in thicknesses between 5 millimeters and 10 millimeters.

Fellowes Laminating Pouches do not require a laminating machine to protect documents. To use, place the document in the pouch, remove the adhesive back and seal. If desired, run the document through a laminator on the cold setting. These pouches are 5 millimeters thick and come in a number of sizes. Glossy finishes are available for those preserving photographs. They typically come in packages of five pouches.

Avery Self-Adhesive Laminating Sheets also do not require a laminating machine. These sheets come in boxes of 50, which is enough to cover 25 documents. To laminate with them, peel the backing from one sheet and center the document on the sticky side. Peel the backing from another sheet and carefully place it on top of the document, sticky side down. Press firmly to affix, and smooth it out to ensure no air bubbles form.

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