What Are the Differences Between a MasterCard and a NetSpend Visa Card?


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The major difference between a NetSpend Visa and a MasterCard is the amount of purchasing power. The NetSpend Visa only has as much purchasing power as is put on it by the consumer; however, the MasterCard has as much purchasing power as the credit limit placed by the company.

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One of the biggest differences in the NetSpend Visa and a MasterCard is the inability to go in

debt with the NetSpend Visa. Consumers use the card just like any other credit card with one big difference, if the card has no money loaded on it, it is declined upon attempted purchase. MasterCard, on the other hand, comes with a credit limit and interest charges. Consumers spend as much money as the credit card company allows them and then pays additional fees for spending it.

Other differences include credit checks or the lack thereof, as NetSpend Visa's do not require a credit check. Money is simply deposited into an account that is linked to the card. However, MasterCard requires a credit check, and the amount of money allowed on the card is dependent on the credit score. NetSpend Visa does not have an activation fee. However, some Mastercard companies require an activation fee in order to use the card.

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