What Are Some Differences Between H&R Block and Jackson Hewitt?

Extensive support at the free federal tax level, extensive deluxe plan offerings, low cost for simple taxes and importing of last year’s returns from competing platforms are some differences between H&R Block and Jackson Hewitt, as of 2015. Interested patrons must check respective websites for the latest updated information.

Jackson Hewitt offers chat and email support under its free plan for federal tax returns. H&R Block, on the other hand, does not offer chat or email support at the free level. Jackson Hewitt also allows its customers to import last year’s returns from competing platforms such as H&R Block, while H&R block does not have such an option at the free level.

The offerings of H&R Block under the deluxe plan is much greater than that of Jackson Hewitt, as it offers support for sale of mutual funds, bonds and stocks. H&R Block also offers filing of state taxes along with free federal tax filing at lower price compared to Jackson Hewitt. As the offerings, plans and features are subject to change with time, it is advisable for interested customers to check with the companies for the latest information.