What Are the Differences Between Duracell and Energizer?


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Some differences between Duracell and Energizer batteries are the amount of time they last, the price, safety concerns and their environmental impact. On average, Energizer batteries tend to cost less and have less impact on the environment. Duracell batteries tend to last longer and have fewer safety concerns.

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Experiments show that Duracell batteries last longer when used continuously than Energizer batteries. Duracell batteries last from five to six hours, while Energizer batteries were found to last from two to three hours. Energizer batteries only outperformed Duracell batteries when used in clocks. Duracell batteries are typically more expensive than Energizer batteries, but the price depends on the retailer and any sales.

Both Duracell and Energizer have recycling programs for discarded batteries. If the batteries are simply thrown away, Energizer batteries have less of an impact on the environment because the company removes mercury and cadmium from the products. Energizer batteries contain fewer toxic chemicals and dangerous metals than Duracell batteries. Duracell batteries are better in terms of safety, because Energizer batteries tend to leak acid days or weeks after expiring, while Duracell batteries may take months to begin leaking.

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