What Are the Differences in Average Salaries for Male and Female CCNA Employees?


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According to a survey of 8,137 participants, women with the Cisco Certified Network Associate certification on average earn an average annual salary that ranges from $55,166 to $90,642, which is slightly higher than that of their male counterparts who make on average between $53,514 and $89,797 per year, according to InfoSec Institute. Approximately 6 percent of CCNA certified individuals are women. The mean salary of a CCNA-certified individual typically depends on location and experience.

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According to the same survey, as of 2015, the annual salary for a CCNA-certified individual ranges from $39,195 to $118,830, with salary subject to certain variables such as job title and the aforementioned location and experience, reports the InfoSec Institute. San Jose, California, contained the highest salary for CCNAs, with an average annual income of $95,183, while New York City, Chicago, Illinois and Atlanta contained the largest population of CCNAs.

Experience also affects the average salary of a CCNA, with individuals with less than one year of experience making an average salary of $45,550 and individuals with more than 20 years of experience earning an average annual salary of $90,454, states InfoSec Institute. According to one survey, information technology director and senior network engineer are the highest paid job titles for individuals with CCNA certification.

The Cisco Certified Network Associate certification tests the ability to manage, install and configure small or medium-sized networks, and is considered entry-level certification in the IT industry, according to InfoSec Institute.

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