What Is the Difference Between Sales and Marketing?

difference-between-sales-marketing Credit: Andrew Olney/Digital Vision/Getty Images

The main difference between marketing and sales is that marketing continually changes to accommodate emerging technologies and to deliver fresh content to the public, while sales techniques remain the same. Marketing is essentially the act of promoting a company or its products and services, while sales involves persuading people to purchase specific goods or services offered by organizations.

Sales has always been considered to be a method of two-way communication between companies and their customers. Sales allows for an open dialogue between end users and the company promoting its products; salespeople make their pitches to customers, then wait to receive valuable feedback about the benefits and drawbacks of products they are promoting.

Marketing historically has been considered a one-way street of communication where organizations broadcast their messages to the public without soliciting or even acknowledging feedback. However, marketing, like sales, is branching out to a two-way system of communication using technology that allows consumers to tell the company and their peers their perceptions about certain products. Although marketing and sales attempt to persuade people to purchase products or use certain services, marketing generally does so using educational and well-researched information, while sales uses tactics such as emotional appeal and catering to certain targeted audiences within the broader population.