What Is the Difference Between a Rue21 Merchandise Credit Card and Gift Card?

The difference between a rue21 merchandise credit card and a gift card is that this type of credit card is issued when a customer returns an item without a receipt, while a gift card is bought and may be sent as a present to its recipient. Additionally, the amount issued on a rue21 merchandise credit card is for the item's current price, as noted on Rue21.com.

The rue21 FAQ page explains that if a shopper buys merchandise with a check and returns it within 10 days, he receives a merchandise credit card that is only redeemable for merchandise, as noted on Rue21.com.

The rue21 company is a retailer of young men and women's apparel and accessories. There are over 1,100 stores located in the United States, and customers can shop online. These stores sell gift cards that can have a value ranging from $25 to $250. When shoppers buy gift cards as presents, these items are sent to recipients as e-gift cards through email or shipped through regular mail. If a shopper uses an e-gift card to make purchases and returns the items, a merchandise credit card is issued for the returned amount. Shoppers can use these gift cards online or in stores.