What Is the Difference Between Process Outputs and Outcomes?

Outputs, such as revenue and profit, enable companies to find outcomes, but without outcomes, there is no need for outputs, according to Harvard Business Publishing. Outcomes are the difference made by the outputs.

According to FundsforNGOs, business outcomes and outputs are used to explain all the expected results that will be achieved by the project. They also help businesses monitor the progress of certain objectives and determine the success rate of objectives. Outputs are considered as short-term results because they occur immediately after the project activity has ended. On the contrary, outcomes are results that occur after a certain period has elapsed.

The outcome of the project activity is usually observed by any activity that involves people or business departments taking action in support of the outputs created by the company. For instance, if a person visits a seminar about minimizing their impact on the environment, the output would be information gained from the seminar. The outcome in this scenario would occur when the participants of the seminar begin using the information to reduce their impact on the environment. Lastly, the tools, methods and processes used to measure outcomes and outputs vary according to the nature of the business objective and the industry.