What Is the Difference Between a Printable Resume and an Electronic Resume?


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A printable resume is a resume that is printed to provide a visual marketing piece, whereas an electronic resume is submitted online via email or posted to Internet job boards. Printable resumes are generally in a physical format, while electronic resumes are placed in databases and optimized for online submission.

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Traditionally, job seekers printed resumes prior to interviews and submitted physical copies of the resume to potential employers. This type of resume typically followed a reverse chronological format that included employment history, job titles, accomplishments, names of employers and dates of employment. The printable format remains useful, as employers may need to visually review the resume. The printed version is generally more reader-friendly and can be useful for direct networking at job fairs or face-to-face meetings.

Electronic resumes are used by more than 90 percent of employers. For increased effectiveness, electronic resumes must be filled with keywords and follow a more accomplishment-driven format. This is required for submission to searchable databases. Employers prefer that job seekers respond to openings electronically or submit resumes by e-mail. In some instances, employers require submitting the resume in text form within the body of an email. There is also the option to attach the printable version of the resume to an email.

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