What Is the Difference Between PostalEASE and LiteBlue?

LiteBlue is the online portal used by the U.S. Postal Service to allow USPS employees to access information regarding career development, revenue and service performance, products and recognition. The portal also offers access to PostalEASE, a separate program allowing employees to check and change benefits selections online.

PostalEASE allows employees to enroll in the Thrift Savings Plan, or TSP; change monthly TSP contributions; sign up for direct deposit; and change how much of each pay check is deposited directly into an account. PostalEASE is accessible by telephone as well as through the LiteBlue portal. Telephone use requires the employee's Social Security number and PIN, while LiteBlue requires the PIN and an Employee Identification Number. Changes involving a bank account, such as signing up for direct deposit, also require a nine-digit Financial Institution Routing Number provided by the bank, bank account number and the type of bank account.