What Is the Difference Between a Periodontist and an Endodontist?

According to Little Rock Family Dental Care, an endodontist is a specialist in the soft tissue inside the tooth, while a periodontist specializes in the tissues that surround the teeth. Common reasons to see an endodontist include an infected tooth, broken tooth or severe sensitivity in a tooth. Reasons to seek treatment from a periodontist include an infection in the gum line, depressions in the gum tissue and tooth loss.

Little Rock Family Dental Care explains that an endodontist can also perform root canals to preserve decayed or infected teeth because she has completed additional training in this type of work after dental school. Because an endodontist is specialized in internal problems of the teeth, she only deals with endodontic-related problems.

According to Little Rock Family Dental Care, a periodontist specializes in the surgery and treatment of the tissues around the teeth, which means she deals primarily with gum disease. Caused by plaque build-up on the teeth, the risk of gum disease is minimized by practicing good oral care daily and having regular checkups. At any stage of gum disease from the earliest type, gingivitis, to the advanced stage, periodontitis, a periodontist provides treatment to help stop the decay and save the teeth.