What Is the Difference Between a One-Bedroom Apartment and a Studio?


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The main difference between a one-bedroom apartment and a studio apartment is that a studio apartment does not have a sleeping quarter that is separate from the rest of the living space. Studio apartment tenants sleep in the living space. Studio apartments are often cheaper than one-bedroom apartments.

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Studio apartments are often designed as one big living area, kitchen included, and a private bathroom with a door. The simple floor plan of a studio apartment provides the tenant with the simplicity of easy decorating. It does not take much furniture to furnish a studio apartment adequately.

One-bedroom apartments are often bigger, and full walls separate the bedroom from the other living quarters. One bedrooms often have more storage space. Kitchens are often at least partially separated from the general living space. Some one-bedroom apartments have floor plans designed with a separate dining area or den.

Usually, a wider variety of floor plan designs are available with one-bedroom apartments than there are with typical studio apartments. One-bedroom apartments are usually more expensive than studio apartments, because most often one-bedroom apartments provide tenants with more overall space and a private bedroom. Studio apartments are usually all open area, besides the bathroom and storage closet.

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