What Is the Difference Between Leadership and Management?


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According to reference.com, leadership is defined as the action of leading a group of people or an organization, while management is defined as the process of dealing with or controlling a group of people or things. A leader is a selected head that leads people based on the desires of the people, while a manager follows a set guideline and controls what the people do.

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Management makes decisions and enforces the decisions, as claimed by Merriam Webster Dictionary, while leaders announce the decision of the group and set an example to be followed instead of actively enforcing the rules. Leaders have people who follow them, while managers have people who work for them. A successful person would need to be both a leader and a manager in order to keep the group they were leading and managing happy, organized and ready to work, notes The Wall Street Journal.

Leadership is about getting people to want to follow and work towards what is being acquired, while management is about getting them to do it correctly and in the best way possible. Leaders focus on being more idealistic, with qualities such as honesty, positive attitudes and inspiring actions. Managers must focus on concrete actions, like production, time and abilities to execute an action, as noted by The Wall Street Journal.

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