What Is the Difference Between Inside Sales and Outside Sales?

Sam Edwards/Caiaimage/Getty Images

Outside sales is performed in person, while inside sales is done remotely through the telephone or the Internet. Therefore, outside salespeople physically meet with clients at their homes or offices in the attempt to sell them their company’s products or services. Inside salespeople go to work at the same office every day and sell their company’s services or products through cold-calling or arranging remote meetings through webinar technology.

The day in the life of an outside salesperson usually includes meeting her boss at the main company office for a brief sales objective meeting. Then, the outside salesperson goes out on her own to meet potential clients that show interest in her company’s services or products. At these appointments, the outside salesperson makes sales presentations to inform and persuade her prospects to buy the services or products. The outside salesperson also maintains existing accounts by collecting payments and addressing any client or product problems that arise.

The day in the life of an inside salesperson generally includes arriving at the office on time and attending a brief sales meeting. Then, she makes a pre-determined number of sales calls to potential customers. She also emails prospects with requested information and conducts webinars, which are seminars attended by multiple people around the world who log on to the same Internet software program at the same time to gain product or service knowledge.