What Is the Difference Between CRM and E-CRM?

Whereas customer relationship management is the set of principles, practices and guidelines that an organization follows when interacting with its customers, electronic customer relationship management is the integration of Internet channels into the overall CRM strategy. The goal of e-CRM is to provide consistent customer service across all online channels.

Specifically, e-CRM focuses on the sales, customer service, customer support and marketing initiative channels as they relate to online customer interaction. When effective, e-CRM creates a seamless, high-quality online customer experience. This results in higher customer satisfaction and loyalty, which ultimately increases the company's revenue.

The e-CRM system must take into account the protection of sensitive customer data. Many customers are concerned about the privacy and safety of their data with the growth of Internet and technological crime that has occurred as of 2015. Businesses must respond by ensuring that their e-CRM systems provide the highest level of protection against cyber criminals. Organizations consider this good customer relations and an integral part of their overall CRM.

From a business organization's point of view, the CRM relationship encompasses e-CRM and direct interactions with customers as well as the forecasting and analysis of market and customer trends and behaviors. Accurate analysis of these factors provides companies with the data required to enhance their customers' overall experiences.