What Is the Difference Between an Amazon Gift Card and an Amazon Store Card?

An Amazon Gift Card is only used to purchase eligible goods on Amazon.com, similar to a gift card for any other retail venue. An Amazon Store Card is a credit card offered by Synchrony Bank. Like most credit cards, cardholders pay off their balances with monthly payments.

The Amazon Gift Card is available in denominations from 50 cents to $2,000, and it never expires or gets charged a maintenance fee for inactivity. Unlike the Amazon Gift Card, the Amazon Store Card requires a credit check for approval. Customers cannot log in to their Amazon Store Card account with their Amazon.com UserID and password, as it is a separate company, Synchrony Bank, that offers the card.

Amazon.com offers a number of incentives to Amazon users to obtain the credit card. A $10 Amazon Gift Card is given to anyone approved for the Amazon Store Card, as of 2015, while Amazon Prime subscribers qualify for a 5-percent cash-back statement credit on their monthly credit card statements.