How Do You Find the Best Diet Food Delivery Service?

How Do You Find the Best Diet Food Delivery Service?

There are many quality diet food delivery services available. Services are rated on a variety of criteria. Cost, quality and variety are three factors important to most people. To decide on a service, an individual first needs to decide which of these criteria is most important.

Most diet food delivery services list their price by cost per day. For example, Wonderslim costs an average of $9.61 a day, whereas Diet to Go starts at $17.85 per day.

Diet to Go ships freshly prepared meals with a choice of low fat, low carb or vegetarian. Little extras like juice and fruit are included.

Wonderslim's meals are pre-packaged, with a large variety of customized options available. Wonderslim is known for fast weight loss. Individuals lose approximately five pounds a week on this plan. Wonderslim sends out starter packages for 2, 4 or 12 week plans. Individuals eat every 2 to 3 hours.

If food quality and taste are important, Bistro MD offers restaurant-quality meals. Over 100 menu items are available, each made with fresh ingredients and without preservatives. The program is designed and managed by a doctor who has over 10 years experience in weight management. Bistro MD is know for healthy, gradual weight loss.