Why Did Sears Close The Great Indoors Home Stores?

Sears Holdings Corporation closed all nine remaining Great Indoors stores in 2012 due to lackluster sales and high operating costs. Sears also closed the stores to focus on its core brand after Kmart Holding Corporation bought Sears.

Former Sears Chairman and CEO Arthur Martinez started the Great Indoors banner in 1998. The company looked at the banner as a good growth area and intended eventually to open over 200 stores; however, the chain peaked at 20 stores and never met business expectations. Great Indoors stores sold a large selection of appliances, furniture, lighting, bedding and plumbing fixtures. The stores were never part of Sears' core businesses, which revolved around Craftsman tools, Kenmore appliances and Land's End clothing.

Sears has faced many problems as of 2015. At the same time as it closed all its Great Indoors stores in 2012, it also closed 43 Hometown stores, 10 hardware stores and 120 Sears and Kmart stores. The company continued to fare poorly after 2012, announcing the closure of 235 more stores in 2014. Analysts remain unsure of Sears' ability to regain a profitable footing, and some analysts believe it will have to close even more locations in the coming years to reduce overhead.