When Did the Locke Stove Company First Open Its Doors?


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The date of the grand opening of the Locke Stove Company is uncertain. However, the Missouri business first offered its signature product, the Warm Morning Heater, on April 16, 1940, according to the brochure “Warm Mornings, Small Homes," published by the company in 1949.

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Sam P. Locke of Mexico, Missouri filed for a patent for the stove technology March 18, 1939. U.S. Patent 2,255,527 was issued on Sept. 9, 1941.

The Locke Stove Company made wood, coal, gas and oil heaters as well as outdoor grills. Warm Morning is a trade name for the company's semi-automatic magazine feed heater. It burns up to 100 pounds of solid fuel such as coal, coke or briquettes.

The Kansas City company is no longer in business, though its stoves are still in use.

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