What Did Crow's Nest Trading Company Sell?

What Did Crow's Nest Trading Company Sell?

Crow's Nest Trading Company specialized in home decor along with women's clothing and accessories and offered products such as cowboy boots, hand-woven rugs, handcrafted furniture, turquoise jewelry and art prints, notes BBB.org. The items sold through Crow's Nest Trading Company were styled in a Southwest theme.

Crow's Nest Trading Company was established in June of 1994 and was based out of Wilson, North Carolina. This company filed for bankruptcy in December of 2013, notes BBB.org.

Crow's Nest Trading Company was a mail-order company and was listed as having 20 employees. The former president of this company was Douglas Tennis and the Operations Manager was Deena Spach.

The company was not accredited by the Better Business Bureau and was dissolved when bankruptcy was filed. Complaints or financial grievances regarding Crow's Nest Trading Company can be filed with the North Carolina Eastern District Court as of 2015.

Other items sold by this company included jewelry created from silver, wood carvings, lamps, dinner and kitchenware, handmade apparel, metal artwork and an assortment of gifts.

The last-known address for Crow's Nest Trading Company is listed as 4512 Riverbirch Rd, North, Wilson, N.C. 27896, notes BBB.org. The company phone number was listed as 252-291-5577. As of 2015, the phone number is listed as disconnected and no longer in service. The company website is also inactive.