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Coby Electronics designed and sold televisions, radios, cassette players, voice recorders, stereos and a range of other consumer electronics for TV, music and video. Coby also developed CD and DVD players, as well as personal computers, laptops and tablets. The company shut down in June 2013, according to Bloomberg Business.

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Coby Electronics at one point was considered as a competitor to Samsung, Sony and other giants in the consumer electronics industry. The company had developed a niche in very low-cost household devices but sensed an opportunity to expand with the advent of the digital economy. This strategy met with notable successes. For example, between 2004 and 2006, the company sold 100,000 of its TF-DVD500 portable DVD player, unique for its 3.5-inch screen. The U.S. military even stocked the TF-DVD500 for its soldiers serving in Iraq.

Coby's product line expanded to include items such as mp3 and mp4 players, digital camcorders, iPod docking systems, speakers, under-cabinet sound systems and digital alarm clocks. Coby also made and sold accessories such as headphones, earphones, mobile headsets, chargers and adapters. One of Coby's most popular products was its line of Jammerz headphones.

Coby sold products in major retailers such as Walmart, Best Buy and Kmart. Price pressure and competition eventually caught up to Coby, and investors bought the company's assets in 2013.

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