When Did the Blockbuster Movie Chain Go Out of Business?


Blockbuster closed its last company-owned video rental store in early January 2014. The company stopped its DVDS-by-mail service a month earlier. As of February 2015, Blockbuster exists as web-based movie-streaming service.

There were multiple stages in Blockbuster's closure, spanning several years. In 2010, the company filed for bankruptcy. The next year, Dish Network purchased Blockbuster at an auction. Dish Network acquired 1,700 Blockbuster stores and systematically closed them between 2011 and 2014.

Dish Network closed 200 stores in 2011, another 500 in 2012, and 300 in 2013 before announcing the close of all company-owned stores. Approximately 50 franchise-owned stores were not affected by the Dish Network closures. As of 2015, Dish Network manages the Blockbuster brand, website and online streaming service.