When Did the Apple Company Start?


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Apple was created by Steve Wozniak and Steve Jobs on April 1, 1976. The Apple Company was incorporated in Cupertino, Calif. on Jan. 3, 1977. In 1975, before starting Apple, Wozniak and Jobs operated out of Jobs' parents' garage while they worked on the prototype for the Apple I computer.

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In order to generate the $1,350 in capital required to start the Apple Company, Steve Wozniak sold a Hewlett-Packard calculator and Steve Jobs sold his Volkswagen Microbus. After creating the Apple I, the pair sold the product to hobbyists. The sales from the Apple I generated enough revenue to improve and refine the design. In 1977, the Apple II was introduced as the first personal computer with a keyboard and color graphics. The Apple II established Apple as a company and ushered in the era of personal computers.

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